Podcasts I love: celebrating friendships!

I’m off on holiday to sun myself silly and learn a bit more about South-East Asia, but I’ll be back in October with new posts about coding, networking, learning foreign languages, and improving decision-making skills.

I’m currently struggling with packing lightly for the trip – IndieTraveller has some really valuable tips. To put myself in a holiday mood, I decided to create a fun playlist for my flight. I have discovered that I prefer podcasts to music these days: if there’s anything that can keep me on a treadmill for more than 40 minutes, it’s either a biscuit or an episode of my favourite podcast. First of all, I’m not a very musical gal. Secondly, they are free, stimulating, and there’s just so much to choose from.

Funnily enough, all of the podcasts I’ve chosen for the trip are hosted by friends and perfect for sharing with your best mate. So call your bestie and get them on the podcast bandwagon. See you in less than two weeks!

Looking for a perfect podcast? How about one of these?

Call your girlfriend – CYG is a podcast for long-distance girlfriends everywhere. Hosted by Aminatou Sow (a digital strategist and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in tech) and Ann Friedman (a freelance journalist and New York magazine columnist), two brilliant and seriously funny ladies who call each other to discuss pop culture, politics, and feminism. You might want to start here.

Being Boss – BB is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs with Emily Thompson (founder of Indie Shopography, a design and strategy web studio) & Kathleen Shannon (co-founder of Braid Creative, a personal branding company for creative entrepreneurs), business besties and good friends. If you are looking for some great advice, engaging interviews and inspiring stories brought to you by fabulous lady bosses, it’s a podcast for you. For instance, if you’re having a hard time with your online metrics, start here.

Throwing Shade – Self-described “feminasty” Erin Gibson and “homosensual” Bryan Safi form a hilarious duo with an attention span of golden retriever puppies. In their weekly podcast they discuss “all the issues important to ladies and gays”: politics, sex, pop culture and more. Dangerously funny!

Can I Pet Your Dog – Do I even have to explain why I absolutely love this one? CIPYD is a weekly comedy podcast for dog lovers, hosted by a dog owner Allegra Ringo and a “dog wanter” Renee Colvert. It’s too perfect for words, so start listening immediately.

Other notable examples:

The PanDolly Podcast

Black Girls Talking

Robot Best Friend


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